About Dolce Vita

Like all great stories, ours starts in a bar. Before Dolce Vita was an iconic brand, it was an idea sketched on a cocktail napkin over drinks. In 2001, that dream became a reality when Dolce Vita officially launched in New York’s Lower East Side neighborhood—a fitting place for a company that epitomizes the artistic spirit of taste-makers everywhere. Since then, we’ve stayed true to our roots in this creative mecca while broadening our horizons and always, always allowing our wildest dreams to dictate the next step.

Standing out is part of Dolce Vita’s DNA. Each trend-driven style speaks to the fearless attitude of those who wear our shoes—edgy embellishments, thoughtful details, and archive-inspired vintage touches make each Dolce Vita silhouette truly unique. Designed to be covetable, effortless, and versatile, our collections offer something for every occasion and adventure. From rocker to bohemian to trendsetter, we have it all. 

Season after season, Dolce Vita stays committed to the people who inspire us.  We’re constantly motivated by the ways our community wears their Dolce Vita shoes, and we aim to put that authenticity, attitude and effortlessness back into each new design we release.


Dolce Vita comes from our people. At our core, we’re a group of unapologetic individuals who see style as a form of self-expression and refuse to blend into the background—and that spirit permeates every collection we create.