About Dolce Vita

Named after a bar in Italy where our founders first envisioned the brand (in the form of sketches on a cocktail napkin), Dolce Vita has always done things a little bit differently. In 2001, Dolce Vita was officially founded on New York’s Lower East Side, cementing its place in the world of artists, musicians, and rebels. Since 2001, Dolce Vita has remained true to its place in this creative mecca, and the brand continues to be synonymous with standing apart from the crowd.

Standing out is part of Dolce Vita’s DNA. Each trend-driven style speaks to the fearless attitude of those who wear our shoes— edgy embellishments, thoughtful details, and archive-inspired vintage touches make each Dolce Vita silhouette truly unique. Wanderlust-worthy boots meld with rockstar studs, vampy heels take on a sheen of glam-rock glitter, and subcultures collide to the best effect, creating something totally new and inimitable.

This year, Dolce Vita launched its inaugural swimwear line, deftly merging the aesthetic of the downtown-cool urbanite with a sense of ease befitting these vacation-friendly essentials. As Dolce Vita continues to expand its offerings, we continue to adhere to our guiding aesthetic principle of embracing the unexpected, the vintage-inspired, and the alternative.

Above all, Dolce Vita is inspired by the vibrant lives of those strong women who surround us. Our community is a tight-knit group of talented, courageous young women with an undeniable lust for life— something that we pay homage to in every shoe we design. Our customers often overlap with our community, but we always encourage both groups to follow their fiercely individual spirits and Walk This Way— whatever way that means for them. It’s become something of a mantra for us, both online and IRL.