When the prince finally slips the glass slipper on Cinderella's foot and finds that it fits perfectly, it’s a feeling that every shoe fashionista loves to experience. Finding the right shoe size is often just as strenuous as turning pumpkins into carriages. However, finding the right size in a shoe you actually like? That is a happily ever after! 

At Dolce Vita, we understand that designer shoes rarely come in a fairy tale range of sizes, and we are determined to be different. One way we accomplish that is through our 8.5 wide size ranges.

Shoes that don't fit right can lead to all sorts of problems – from foot pain to long-lasting throbbing around the sides of the foot to even ankle aches. So, finding a shoe that is the right size for your foot is essential. Our size 8.5 wide shoes allow extra room around the sides and top of the foot for a more comfortable fit. Our Dolce Vita heels allow extra wiggle room so that you can stay on the dance floor longer, while our boots can take your outfit to a new chic level without sacrificing comfort. 

Browse our selection of sandals, sneakers, booties, flats, wedges, mules, and loafers. Our wide collection is fashion-forward and inclusive, as we aim to provide an array of options for all types of feet.

You're sure to find the style, color, and design that works for you, no matter the occasion or need. When you slip on a Dolce Vita shoe, we want it to be your Cinderella moment. Every single time