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The average shoe size for women in the U.S. ranges between an 8.5 to a 9, which means that while many brands include those sizes they may overlook sizes that are much larger or smaller. At Dolce Vita, we believe that having size 12 feet doesn't mean that you should have to sacrifice your fashion options. With a wide range of sizes across styles, we're sure to have your Cinderella fit.

If you need a pair of shoes for runs around the neighborhood, a pick-up game of pickleball, a trip to the gym, or just something casual for going to the store, our sneakers are the perfect choice. With a range of colors and styles, you don't have to be stuck choosing the same boring pair of white tennis shoes for everything sporty that you do.

Or maybe you want something classy and professional, but also perfect for walking the sidewalk like it's your own personal runway. Our boots and booties add a professional but stylish flair when paired with jeans, skirts, or dress pants. 

Or, maybe, you're looking for a pair of shoes so dazzling that it will be the go-to in your closet, the holy grail of outfits. Well we've got size 12 heels that will (figuratively) knock your socks off (but literally hold them in place).