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Rain or shine, snow or sun, and everything in between, the weather year-round can shift dramatically. While you may have a pair of shoes for every different condition, sometimes you want one that can handle all types of weather. Enter Dolce Vita’s line of all-weather women’s shoes and boots. Each is designed to complement the weather, no matter what it is.

In all-weather shoes, there are a few key components to ensure that you have the perfect footwear. We prioritize good traction, support for wearing the shoe all day, weather-proofing, and, of course, we never forget about style. We wanted to create all-weather boots, booties, and shoes that could go with your wardrobe no matter the season.

For example, the Huey H20, is a super cute and sleek bootie design. It’s also a versatile boot with a waterproof design so you can handle the rain or snow with ease. It also features a chunky lug sole for a surprisingly iconic look that also gives you added structure and traction. The fit goes slightly above the ankle for a little bit of added warmth and looks great under jeans or paired with a short skirt.