Meet Nick


Dolce Vita co-founder and designer Nick Lucio began his unlikely design career during a retail job in a shoe store, where he found himself looking for ways to improve each style and create something more unique for the inspiring, trend-conscious women who shopped with him. After forming a friendship with fellow employee Van Lamprou, Lucio was encouraged by their similar philosophies to begin considering launching a new venture—one that would leverage his newfound love of design and elevate the industry.

After studying shoe design at Arsutoria in Milan, Italy, Lucio officially joined forces with Lamprou to create the brand that would become Dolce Vita, from an idea dreamed up after-hours in a favorite bar. In 2001, the brand officially launched, bringing Lucio’s vision of authentic, trend-driven and statement-making designs to a creative class of spirited individuals—without sacrificing quality or comfort. From the initial launch, Dolce Vita instantly resonated with tastemakers from coast to coast, spreading through America's artistic hubs via word-of-mouth—a point of pride for the brand, even today.

Having watched Dolce Vita grow from a cocktail napkin idea to a sought-after international brand synonymous with in-demand style and self-expression, Lucio’s vision and drive still remain unchanged. He continues to lead the team each season in finding fresh and unique ways to offer high-end design details at an accessible pricepoint. “It’s a challenge to continually keep up with the consumer and the fashion trends—but I love the challenge,” he says. “The greatest feeling of accomplishment is seeing the confident, amazing women who wear our shoes on the street every day.”